A lot of developers are unjustly missing of the CIS, not localize their games by speaking players. Thereby depriving their projects to a large number of potential customers. Why? Let’s deal.
The gaming industry continues its growth. According to Newzoo, in 2018, the volume of the market reached 134,9 billion. This is 10.9% more than the year before. However, the growth rate of the industry remains stable in 2017, its volume increased by 10.7%. The market of the CIS (2010) $0,73 billion grew to $2,94 billion (2016). And PricewaterhouseCoopers forecasts to 2021, defense of the CIS will have nearly $5 billion.
If you look at the countries, Ukraine brought gaming companies $179 million in 2018, Kazakhstan is $207 million.
The popular platforms – PC and mobile games. Console games are not as popular but the mobile game takes a high position. Several CIS companies, game developers, publishers, mobile is tops in ratings. For example, Playrix.
Also, the popular browser-based online strategy and social games. Among the leading genres of MMORPG and MMORTS, MOBA, MMO, Action, Shooter, Battle Royale.
So why work with CIS?
  • A large free audience;
  • Prospects and freedom of development;
  • Not busy gaming genres and niches.

Choosing the gaming market of the CIS you have a great chance to take the vacant place. Despite the fact that games a lot. Not all genres are busy. Good space games are not so much like RPG and space simulators. The market is also lacking strong single-player RPG games, great opportunities for strategy, both mobile and PC. A special place in the CIS players – Survival games. As well as war games. You can get for your project a large audience.

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