We work with social networks – the creation and management of groups and pages from zero to hundreds of thousands of participants. Activity, posts, memes, informational posts and more.
Also, we have experience in setting up and working with targeting social networks.
We are working with game communities of any size and at any stage of formation. We have the experience of creating a community from scratch and ready to take on any project.
ELARIUM team with a keen understanding of the mentality of Russian players will gather around the project of a strong and active community.
We create and maintain round the clock support players on the Russian (and Ukrainian, Belarusian) languages.
Our team of support agents studies your project is public and internal knowledge base. We can connect to your helpdesk system and provide the Russian-speaking branch, or create a completely separate service.
If you already have game documentation (for support) – we will translate it on the Russian language.
We worked with Kayako, Helpshift, Zendesk and HESK.


In all matters, as well as to start cooperation, please contact us at e-mail hello@elarium.net

We do: 

  • the creation of a gaming community;
  • management of pages on social networks;
  • work with community leaders;
  • the creation of support services;


  • translation into Russian language;
  • multi-voice voice;
  • compliance meaning and identity transfer.

Art and promo:

  • localizing graphics, screenshots, promotional art;
  • creation of promo-art.
We have a Studio ELARIUM. We are working with the gaming communities in the Russian part of the Internet (CIS). We organize work with the community, establish contacts, work with opinion leaders, create support, working with media and localization.
We team you create around your game powerful gaming community.


We translate (localize) with English and German languages. Translate into Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian.
Voice – only in Russian.

We have contacts with several Russian studios professional voice games and films that will help to give your game a “native” sound in Russian.

We perform translation into the Russian language sub-titles and UI. Work with different scales. From small games to MMORPG.

We do localization for Russian language art and illustrations, screenshots, and promotional materials. As for the various pages of descriptions and Lidingo. And for posts and posts.