Welcome to the community!

Hello! Let's start our acquaintance! We ELARIUM and invite to our elite club where together we will create a cool community for your project!


Quick start - great results

Let's tell in a nutshell how we work. We are a team of like-minded friends. Each of us has a great experience in their field. Team leader - Community Manager with over 6 years of experience with gaming communities and SMM.

We allocated to each project the necessary resources and number of employees. If the project grows, we connect new team members. If necessary, we can include external staff or partners.

During the work with communities in the CIS have gathered a lot of good contacts with many websites and info-channels. It allows to properly promote the project in the CIS and to create around him a strong community.

Our principles

Why we are what we are. And why you should choose us.


The love for his work

We are doing what we love. It's not just business, it's a calling. It is a way of life. We live in communities, create cool content, working with users. For us, it is a real pleasure to be next to the user. To be a friend of the user.


We give ourselves the report. We undertake only those cases that would be able to implement. We constantly strive to self-development. Today we are a small team of like-minded people - and maybe a large Corporation. But our approaches to business will not change.

Our mission is to be a friend

We do our best to be a real friend to every member of the communities with which we work. Yes, maybe it's nice words. But we really strive for the best.

Great experience

We know how to work with large and small communities. At the moment we have several projects and do our best for their success!

How to start?

Four simple steps to a cool community!

Email us at hello@elarium.net tell us about your expectations, goals and your project. Also, you can use the form, link to which is at the bottom of the page.

We will analyze your project and discuss all the details, questions and moments that may arise around the project.

We will make and prepare plans and deadlines for your community.

Start the active phase and create together a cool and friendly community around your project!


Pricing Table

Our most common suggestions. More information is available by e-mail hello@elarium.net


Advice and assistance


  • + Analysis of the project
  • + Advice on working with the community
  • + Answers to questions (1 hour)

For small studios and projects


  • + Analysis project
  • + Advice on work with the CIS community
  • + Advice on publishing the game in CIS
  • + Elaboration of kill features game for CIS

For start the game in CIS


  • + Analysis of the project
  • + The localization page of the game on the Russian language (Steam, App Store, Google Play and ect.)
  • + Localization of screenshots, promo art
  • + Localization of texts for publications (news, updates, and ect.) within 6 months
  • + Consultation on arising issues

Are satisfied or have questions?

Great! Please email us at hello@elarium.net or through a web form. We will reply promptly.

via a web form
Write to us

Other services

Sound Design

We can help with great music UI, locations and levels.

$59.00 / 10 min
  • 1. Game analysis
  • 2. The selection of the genre
  • 3. Creating sketches and concepts
  • 4. The final

We can help you create the soundtracks for your game.

$49.00 / 1 min
  • 1. Game analysis
  • 2. The selection of the genre
  • 3. Creating sketches and concepts
  • 4. Preparation cat version
  • 5. The final
2D Art

We can help you create the 2D Art.

$69.00 / 1 min
  • 1. Analysis
  • 2. The creation of the concept
  • 3. Edit
  • 4. The second check
  • 5. Edit
  • 6. The final

Advice on the PR in CIS

$19.00 / 1 hour
  • We will answer all questions regarding the promotion of the project in the CIS.